torsdag 8 maj 2014

Red Mold

Number encountered 1d3 (1d6), Alignment Neutral, Movement 0, AC Always hit, HD 3, Attacks Spores, Damage 1d3/special, Save F2, Morale N/A, XP 30.

Red mold grows in long strands along walls and ceiling, usually a foot wide and several feet long. It neither moves nor really attacks, but whenever something moves within 3' distance from it there is a 1/3 chance that it will eject spores into a 10' cube area. Any living creature inside that area will have to save vs poison. Success means a feeling of burning lungs and 1d3 damage, whereas fail means that the spores – aside from dealing the 1d3 damage – attach themselves and cause one of the following: 1 blindness, 2 paralysis of random limb, 3 loss of hearing or voice, 4 uncontrallably violent behavior, 5 random mutation or 6 death by suffocation in 1d6 rounds. Any of the results 1-4 will pass within a month or when character is healed by magic. Only fire does damage to red mold and a torch can deal the equivalent of 1d4 damage per hit.

If you don't have access to a Random Mutations Table from another source, this may be used to determine the effects of a random mutation:
1. Some kind of insectoid feature.
2. Grows a tail (extra, if character already has one or more).
3. Develops bird-like features.
4. Swells up to double size - balloon-like.
5. Grows extra head with often differing opinions (or different alignment).
6. Turns a different, bright, colour. Starts to glow if this happens again.

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