torsdag 15 maj 2014

Black Jellyfish

Number encountered 0 (2d6), Alignment Neutral, Movement 120', AC 3, HD 1, Attacks 1 (sting), Damage 1d6/special, Save F1, Morale 12, XP 10.

The black jellyfish are small, only a square foot or so in size, but their stinging tentacles are several feet long and can be used and controlled much like the tentacles of an octopus. Each tentacle is barely a thread and very weak, but each jellyfish has hundreds of tentacles. Any person who is stung must save vs. paralysis. Success means target is dealt 1d6 of damage, but failure is damage plus complete paralysis for a day. The jellyfish lay golden coloured eggs, which is often the reason people enter the pools and ponds where they live. Everything that glimmers is not gold, though the eggs may be of interest to alchemists or sages who can pay a gold piece per dozen for them.

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